¶ Shaw — Unsocial socialist (1887)

May 21, 2014

19th cent.

Shaw, George Bernard. An unsocial socialist. London: Swan Sonnenschein, Lowrey & Co., 1887.

Inscription by Walker: “This volume was given to William Morris by Shaw & acquired by me at his sale. Emery Walker.” Subsequent inscription by his daughter: “and chosen by Alan G. Thomas as a small token for all the work he did for me. Dorothy Walker January 1959.”

Provenance: Morris (gift from Shaw). — Sotheby 1898 (possibly lot 1013, “Socialist Tracts”; sold to Leighton for £1 16s.). — Emery Walker. — Dorothy Walker. — Alan G. Thomas (gift from Dorothy Walker). — Shirley Thomas. — Richard Linenthal (private collection; gift from Shirley Thomas).

Reference: MS catalogue (2), no. 613.

Digital version: Internet Archive.

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