¶ Booth — Address to the public (1787?)

May 31, 2014

18th cent.

Booth, Joseph. An address to the public, on the polygraphic art, or the copying or multiplying pictures, in oil colours, by a chymical and mechanical process, the invention of Mr. Joseph Booth, portrait painter. London: printed at the Logographic Press and sold by T. Cadell, Robson and Clarke, and J. Sewell, [1787?].

The book was been rebound, probably in the twentieth century, and has a bookplate [see below] not known in any of Morris’s other books. The title, however, is one that certainly would have interested Morris, and we are therefore including it here as a doubtful case.

Provenance: Morris (?). — R. & A. Petrilla. — Huntington Library (4956520) [purchased from Petrilla, 12 May 1995].

Reference: ESTC (T20491).

Digital version: ECCO.


Photographed by WSP at the Huntington Library.

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