¶ Diodorus — Historical library (1700)

June 2, 2014

17th cent.

Diodorus, Siculus. The historical library of Diodorus the Sicilian. In fifteen books. The first five, contain the antiquities of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Greece, the islands, and Europe. The last ten, an historical account of the affairs of the Persians, Grecians, Macedonians, and other parts of the world. To which are added, the fragments of Diodorus that are found in the Bibliotheca of Photius: together with those publish’d by H. Valesius, L. Rhodomannus, and F. Ursinus. Trans. G. Booth. London: printed by Edward Jones for Awnsham and John Churchil, and Edward Castle, 1700.

Provenance: Morris (purchased for 12s). — Richard Bennett. — Sotheby 1898, lot 392 (sold to Edwards for 11s.) .— Chin Pom Ye. — Harry Buxton Forman. — Forman sale, Anderson Galleries (New York), 1920. — Christopher Edwards (Henley-on-Thames), list 71 (2017), no. 34A (£950). — Unlocated.

References: Ellis valuation, fol. 49b (10s.). — ESTC (R15327). — MS catalogue (1), fol. 10.

Digital version: EEBO.

Sotheby 1898:


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