¶ Thorsteinsson — Stúrlunga-saga (1817–20)

December 19, 2014

19th cent.

Thorsteinsson, B., ed. Sturlúnga-saga, edr, Islendínga-saga hin mikla. 4 vols. in 1. Copenhagen: Thorsteini Einarssyni Rangel, 1817–18[20].

Because Morris owned two copies of this book and it is not possible to distinguish between them (except for a signature not mentioned in the early records), we have decided to list them here together. The copy that is now at Yale bears the signature of Joní Jonssyní, but neither MS catalogue (2) nor the Sotheby 1898 catalogue includes that information.

Provenance: Joní Jonssyní [Yale copy only]. — Morris. — Richard Bennett. — Sotheby 1898, lot 1052 (sold to Henry Wellcome for £1) and lot 1053 (part; sold to Henry Wellcome for £1). — Henry Wellcome. — Wellcome Library [deaccessioned]. — Beinecke Library, Yale University (1997 317). [Both copies were deaccessioned by the Wellcome Library; one is now at Yale, and the other is unlocated.]

References: MS catalogue (2), nos. 485 and 887.

Sotheby 1898:


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