¶ Legend of “The Briar Rose” (1890)

February 20, 2015

19th cent.

The legend of “The Briar Rose”: a series of pictures painted by E. Burne Jones, A.R.A. London: Thomas Agnew & Sons’ Galleries, 1890.

Inscribed “William Morris for H Buxton Forman.” Brief guide, with unsigned introduction, to an exhibition of the Burne-Jones paintings at the Agnew Galleries. A photograph of Morris has been tipped in, as well as a leaf of Morris’s manuscript draft of the first quatrain associated with the paintings.

Provenance: Morris. — Harry Buxton Foreman. — Maurice Buxton Forman. — Sanford and Helen Berger. — Huntington Library (607385) [purchased from the Bergers].


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