¶ Dumas — Oeuvres complétes (1860–81)

February 17, 2016

19th cent.

Dumas, Alexandre. Oeuvres complétes. 17 vols. Paris: Calman Lévy and Michel Lévy, 1860–81.

Signed “Jane Morris” or “Jane Morris Kelmscott” in some volumes. The set is apparently incomplete.

We have also listed below the unlocated individual works by Dumas that are listed in MS catalogue (2); since the publication dates are not supplied for those titles, we are in some cases uncertain whether they were separately published volumes or are a part of the Oeuvres complétes. The one thing that is clear is that Morris himself owned, and presumably read, many of Dumas’ novels, and after his death most or all of those volumes were transferred (probably by Cockerell) to Jane Morris.

Provenance: Morris. — Jane Morris. — May Morris. — Oxford University [bequest of May Morris]. — Society of Antiquaries of London (Kelmscott Manor).

References: MS catalogue (2), no. 654 [Le collier de la reine]. — No. 655 [Vingt ans après]. — No. 656 [Les trois mousquetaires]. — No. 657 [Le vicomte de Bragelonne]. — No. 658 [La dame de Monsoreau]. — No. 659 [La comtesse de Charny]. — No. 661 [La reine Margot].


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