¶ Nider — Die vierundzwanzig goldenen Harfen (1472)

May 3, 2016


Nider, Johannes. Die vierundzwanzig goldenen Harfen. [Augsburg]: Johann Bämler, 18 December [14]72.


Morris’s tipped-in note: “The one cut in this book is rude but decorative. It does not seem to have been done by Zainer’s artists, but by some one who worked generally for Bamler. The handsome woodcut initials are not of Zainers alphabet, though designed on much the same lines: they are more like the Ulm letters.

“The binding of this copy is a fine and elaborate example of 15th Century stamped binding.

“This type of Bamler’s (his first) is very different from the other Augsburg printers of the same date, and in fact is very characteristic and peculiar; but approaches in effect to Veldener or even Caxton: it is bold handsome, and very ‘Gothic’; and suggests direct imitation of written characters.”

Provenance: Morris. — Richard Bennett. — J. Pierpont Morgan. — Morgan Library (ChL308).

References: Ellis valuation, fol. 3b, no. 25 (£10). — ISTC (in00222000). — Morgan Catalogue 1, no. 128. — MS catalogue (2), no. 933, p. 86 (with an X beside it).

Binding image: Morgan.

Digital version: BSB.

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