¶ Pliny — Historia naturalis (1472)

January 9, 2017


Pliny, the Elder [Plinius]. Historia naturalis. Ed. Giovanni Andrea Bussi [Johannes Andreas]. Venice: Nicolaus Jenson, 1472.

Morris in a lecture, 1893: “I have got on my shelves now a Jenson’s Latin Pliny, which, in spite of its beautiful type and handsome painted ornaments, I dare scarcely look at, because the binder (adjectives fail me here) has chopped off over two-thirds of the tail margin: such stupidities are like a man with his coat buttoned up behind, or a lady with her bonnet put on hind-side foremost” (Ideal Book, p. 71).

Provenance: John Shelly. — Georgius Klebs. — Morris. — Richard Bennett. — Sotheby 1898, lot 954 (sold to Tregaskis for £6 15s.). — Blacker Wood Rare Books, McGill University University Library (folio PA6611 A2 1472) [acquired c. 1920–21].

References: Ellis valuation, fol. 40 (£3). — ISTC (ip00788000).

Digital version: BSB.

Sotheby 1898:


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