¶ Herodotus — Historiographi libri novem (1526)

February 9, 2018


Herodotus. Herodoti Halicarnassei Historiographi libri novem. Cologne: Eucharius Cervicornus for Gottfried Hittorp, 10 January 1526.

With Morris book label. Shortly after Morris’s death, his executors sold several books privately to Fairfax Murray (who at one time hoped to buy the entire library), and this seems likely to have been one of them, since it does not appear in the 1898 Sotheby catalogue. A further complication is that when it was auctioned in 1917 (see below), the catalogue entry fails to mention Morris, but it is almost certainly the same book, since the binding (half russia) is identical.

Provenance: Morris. — Charles Fairfax Murray. — Fairfax Murray sale, Christie, 11 December 1917, lot 212. — Unlocated.

Reference: Fairfax Murray Catalogue (German), 1, no. 198.

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