A project this large and complex would be impossible without the assistance of many individuals and institutions. We will attempt to list here those who have helped us in various ways.

Paul Needham, who has been studying Morris’s older books for decades, has generously given us his very full notes on provenance and locations for the incunables and many of the sixteenth-century titles. We wish to express our appreciation for his unselfish cooperation.

We are likewise grateful to Mark Samuels Lasner, who owns several books from Morris’s library but has also gathered a good deal of information through the years about the books and manuscripts once in the possession of Morris. This material he has kindly put at our disposal.

We also owe a heavy debt to Marie Korey, who has sent us the extensive notes compiled by her late husband, Richard Landon, about the 1898 auction of Morris’s library.

Others who have helped include the following: Louise Anderson, Martin Antonetti, Richard Aspin, Karen Attar, John Bidwell, Joanna Bowring, Ralph Burton, Paul van Capelleveen, Jane Carpenter, Gerald W. Cloud, Yuri Cowan, Paul Dijstelberge, Elisabeth Fairman, Stephen Ferguson, Laura Fuderer, Thomas A. Goldwasser, Elizabeth Gow, Joseph Gwara, Kathy Haslam, Patricia J. Herron, Miriam Intrator, Ruth Lightbourne, Sarah Lindenbaum, Richard Linenthal, Douglas P. McElrath, John T. McQuillen, John Maddicott, Sjoerd de Meer, Robert Milevski, Marilyn Mohr, David Nathan-Maister, Richard Noble, Doug Nelson, Richard Ovenden, John Overholt, Kimberly Reynolds, Lenore Rouse, Heather Rowland, Douglas E. Schoenherr, Terry Seymour, Joseph Shemtov, Elaine Shiner, Daniel Slive, Noriko Sumimoto, Marten Stromberg, Stephen Tabor, Russ Taylor, Ed van der Vlist, Gwendolyn Verbraak, Derek Walker, the late John J. Walsdorf, Philip Weimerskirch, Sarah Welcome, Eric White, and William Whitla.